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          Temple persuades people to wear 'suitable' clothes

          Temple's initiative persuades people to wear clothes 'suitable' for Indian culture

          We will not exert pressure on the devotees to follow dress code, temple authorities say

          A board mounted at the Bhagavathi Temple at Sasihithlu on dress code.

          An initiative to persuade people to wear dresses, suitable for Indian culture, has been initiated during Navarathri at Bhagavathi Temple in Sasihithlu, on the outskirts of Mangaluru.

          A board at the entrance of the temple says it is better if men wear 'panche', pants, shirt, and women wear saree and chudidar. It is not suitable to enter the temple wearing a Western outfit, the board reads.

          “We will not send those who fail to follow the dress code back. Instead, arrangements will be made to give them an alternative dress to wear. We will not exert pressure on the devotees. But we persuade them to wear Indian outfits,” said the temple committee leaders.

          The temple committee president Vaman Idya said, “Our dress projects our culture. Our initiative may be opposed by people. We are not mounting pressure on anyone. We are only trying to persuade people. Already, such dress codes are prevalent in Kerala,” he added.