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          Kasaragod: Temple pond crocodile enters shrine premises

          Crocodile living in pond of temple in Kerala's Kasaragod decides to enter shrine premises

          This is the first time in history that the crocodile named Babiya has entered the temple

          Babiya is believed to be vegetarian and eats prasadam fed to her. Credit: Sri Ananthapadmanabha Swamy Lake Temple official

          Babiya, the crocodile that lives in the pond of the Sri Anandapadmanabha Swamy temple in Kerala's Kasargod district, entered the temple premises for the first time in recorded history on Tuesday evening.?

          Babiya is believed to be vegetarian and eats prasadam that's fed to her. The crocodile has made the temple pond her home for many years.?

          "It came to the temple premises on Tuesday evening and spent some time there and went back after chief priest Chandraprakash Nambisan asked it go to its permanent habitat - the temple pond,” temple official Chandrasekharan said, according to several reports.