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          IPL 2020 Rajasthan Royals vs Mumbai Indians highlights: Stokes's century, Samson's 50 guide RR to an 8-wicket win over MI

          DH is covering every match of the Indian Premier League 2020 in the UAE. Follow live ball-by-ball updates from match 45 between between the Rajasthan Royals and the Mumbai Indians at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi.
          • 23:24

            Thanks for tuning in to DH's coverage of Rajasthan Royals vs Mumbai Indians. Good night and take care.

          • 23:23

            Steven Smith

            Very pleased, that's what we're crying for, use the experience, take the game deep and that's what both Stokes and Samson did. The wicket was playing good, the ball was coming onto the bat, there was intent - the shots were flowling, they just played good cricketing shots - I thought the partnership was fantastic. We played some good cricket in the first half, the dropped chance proved to be costly, perhaps we ended up giving away another 40-45 runs, but it didn't matter in the end. I hope our batters take the confidence from this match and play knocks which will help the team win.

          • 23:16

            Man of the match: Ben Stokes

          • 23:16

            Kieron Pollard

            I thought Hardik brought us straight back into the game, but well played to Stokes and well played to Samson. The wicket ended up being a good wicket with a little bit of dew. It played into their strengths. But having said that, well played to the opposition. It really doesn't do much to the campaign, we still have three games to do. We just have to come out with good cricket. Our bowlers tried but it wasn't meant to be today. Hardik keeps showing time and time again, doesn't matter the position of the team. Tough luck an innings like that he ends up on the losing side.

          • 23:14
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          • 23:02

            RR 196/6 after 18.2 overs

            Pattinson to Stokes

            18.1 SIX to bring up the century for Stokes in just 59 balls. A much needed one for RR.

            18.2 FOUR That boundary brings up a victory for RR with 10 balls left.

          • 22:58

            RR 186/2 after 18 overs

            Boult to Samson

            17.1 One run to long off.

            17.2 Dot ball. One after very long.

            17.3 One run after a simple push.

            17.4 One run after a dab to leg side.

            17.5 Short delivery and one run to long leg.

            17.6 Dot ball after a shorter one.

          • 22:53

            RR 182/2 after 17 overs

            Bumrah to Stokes

            16.1 Leg stump delivery and comfortably two runs taken.

            16.2 Two runs, run out appeal, third umpire says not out in a jiffy.

            16.3 Wide off the off stump and hit for a single.

            16.4 One run to deep backward point.

            16.5 Bouncer and left alone.

            16.6 FOUR off the thick edge.

          • 22:46

            RR 172/2 after 16 overs

            Boult to Stokes

            15.1 Two runs after a nearly being caught at extra cover.

            15.2 Two runs. Hit to leg side.

            15.3 FOUR Edged and short fine leg sees a boundary.

            15.4 Two runs after Stokes hits to long off.

            15.5 FOUR Boult misses his yorker, leg side and a four to fine leg.

            15.6 Yorker now and a single.

          • 22:40

            RR 157/2 after 15 overs

            Bumrah to Stokes

            14.1 Leg stump delivery and just one run.

            14.2 Shorter and bouncer and slices for a run to the leg side.

            14.3 One run after a wide delivery hit to the off side.

            14.4 FOUR Samson shoots to fine leg and Pattinson nearly stops the four, unable though.

            14.5 FOUR Similar delivery, similary short, finer this time around.

            14.6 Two runs after a mishit.

          • 22:35

            RR 144/2 after 14 overs

            Chahar to Stokes

            13.1 Wide and one run from leg byes.

            13.2 Inside edge and just one run off of it.

            13.3 SIX Lofted and a maximum. Straight down the ground off the front foot.

            RR are maintaining the required run rate with regular 4s and 6s

            13.4 Googly and one run off of it.

            13.5 FOUR Wide and finds the gap at deep backward point.

            13.6 SIX Advances and smashes it down. Chahar isn't happy

          • 22:28

            RR 125/2 after 13 overs

            Pattinson to Stokes

            12.1 FOUR Pumps the quick wide one to extra cover. Focussed and well hit.

            12.2 Two runs. Pollard saves 2 runs. Nearly a boundary. Hit straight down the track.

            12.3 Stokes risks with a scoop, but the bounce off the pitch ensures stumps are left untouched.

            12.4 Yorker and one run. A clean and sharp delivery from Pattinson.

            12.5 SIX Samson smashes the half-volley with a clean lofted shot. A great one.

            12.6 WIDE Strays down the leg side.

            12.6 FOUR Nice dab to third man.

          • 22:25

            RR 107/2 after 12 overs

            Chahar to Stokes

            11.1 No run.

            11.2 One run to long on.

            11.3 Well timed and hit and a single.

            11.4 Well bowled and no run.

            11.5 Pushes to third man and just one run.

            11.6 No run. Poor shot selection from Samson

          • 22:19

            RR 104/2 after 11 over

            Bumrah to Samson

            10.1 No run, hit straight to backward point.

            10.2 WIDE That was a wild wide from Bumrah.

            10.2 One run to long on.

            10.3 One run to extra cover.

            10.4 One run to deep mid-wicket.

            10.5 No run. Bumrah is curtailing the flow of runs this over so far.

            10.6 One run. LBW appeal but Pollard decides against DRS.

          • 22:15

            RR 99/2 after 10 overs

            Krunal to Samson

            9.1 One run. A quick delivery from Krunal.

            9.2 Full toss and nearly a wide. No run.

            9.3 One run. Similar delivery but bounces off the keeper's gloves.

            9.4 Samson asks for two but Stokes says no.

            9.5 FOUR Driven straight down the track.

            9.6 FOUR Another boundary, finds the gap.

          • 22:10

            RR 88/2 after 9 overs

            Pollard to Samson

            8.1 SIX Lofts the slower delivery and goes for a maximum. Clean stroke play from the youngster.

            8.2 Two runs, some very quick running.

            8.3 One run. Samson looks for two but Stokes says no.

            8.4 No run. Pollard appeals for LBW but umpire is unmoved.

            8.5 WIDE Strays down the leg side.

            8.5 One run hit to mid off.

            8.6 WIDE Down the leg side again.

            8.6 One run to finish the over

          • 22:02

            RR 75/2 after 8 overs

            Rahul Chahar to Stokes

            7.1 WIDE Strays down leg side.

            7.1 SIX Lofted to deep mid-wicket. Stokes smokes that delivery down the longer side of the ground.

            7.2 FOUR Reverse sweep and finds the gap for a boundary. Some great power from that stroke.

            7.3 One run to long off

            7.4 Another single.

            7.5 Straight bat and another single.

            7.6 Tries to slog and loft but no dice. One run

          • 21:58

            RR 60/2 after 7 overs

            Pollard to Samson

            6.1 One run to put Stokes on strike.

            6.2 Slower one and missed. Dot ball.

            6.3 One run to sweeper cover.

            6.4 One run, hit to long off

            6.5 WIDE Slower one and beaten.

            6.5 One run to long on

            6.6 Variation in bowling action but no run.

          • 21:55

            RR 55/2 after 6 overs

            Krunal Pandya to Stokes

            5.1 Two runs to deep mid-wicket

            5.2 Tries a reverse sweep but no run.

            5.3 No run.

            5.4 Full toss and the shot finds the fielder at cover

            5.5 FOUR Reverse sweep and finds the gap after a tossed up delivery.

            5.6 FOUR DROPPED CATCH Pandya drops it near the boundary and touches the boundary line after a bounce.

          • 21:54

            RR 45/2 after 5 overs

            Pattinson to Stokes

            4.1 Two runs. Just enough height and length to miss the fielders, easy two runs.

            4.2 Sharp yorker and one run off of it.

            4.3 Slower delivery and Smith tries to scoop but misses. No run.

            4.4 OUT One Aussie gets the other. Smith walks out. Inside edge.

            Sanju Samson walks in

            4.5 Shorter delivery and a hop but no run.

            4.6 WIDE Bouncer down the leg side and a wide.

            4.6 No run

          • 21:43

            RR 41/1 after 4 overs

            Jasprit Bumrah to Smith

            3.1 FOUR Smith picks the gap. Pollard runs behind but indicates that he was not able to stop it.

            3.2 Dot ball. Defended by Smith.

            3.3 Fuller and into the body, one run.

            3.4 Well struck but just one run off of it.

            3.5 SIX Smith fires a maximum straight from the wrist twist.

            3.6 Short ball and no run.

          • 21:38

            RR 29/1 after 3 overs

            Boult to Stokes

            2.1 Fuller delivery and no run.

            2.2 FOUR Straight delivery and that was flicked to the boundary.

            2.3 Dot ball.

            2.4 FOUR Stokes drives straight past the bowler.

            2.5 FOUR Similar delivery and lofted over Boult's head. Clean shot that was.

            2.6 FOUR Fuller leg stump delivery and Stokes's footwork results in a boundary.

          • 21:32

            RR 13/1 after 2 overs

            Pattinson to Uthappa

            1.1 FOUR Shorter delivery and lofted to the boundary.

            1.2 Dot ball after a fuller delivery.

            1.3 Pushed to leg side for no run.

            1.4 FOUR Robin finds the gap and a clean cover drive.

            1.5 OUT Fuller delivery and Pollard catches with ease. Robin looks frustrated. Some good fours and Pattinson avenges those runs.

            Steve Smith comes to the crease

            1.6 Dot ball.

          • 21:27

            RR 5/0 after 1 over

            Trent Boult to Uthappa

            0.1 Two runs, quick running from the duo.

            0.2 Two more, lofted but not caught. Chahar nearly catches it.

            0.3 Some outswing from Boult and Uthappa misses it. Didn't edge.

            0.4 Dot ball.

            0.5 Another dot ball.

            0.6 One run and quick fielding.

          • 21:26

            Ben Stokes and Robin Uthappa walk in to the middle to open the innings.

          • 21:14

            Hardik Pandya's 60* off 21 deliveries with 7 sixes push MI to 195/5

          • 21:09

            MI 195/5 after 20 overs

            Tyagi to Krunal Pandya

            19.1 Full length delivery and long on sends the ball back to the middle.

            19.2 SIX Hardik on strike. Lofts and the power takes it beyond the boundary. In the slot delivery.

            19.3 FOUR Shorter and wide. Smashed for four.

            19.4 FOUR Finds the gap between extra cover and long off.

            19.5 SIX No change in the past few deliveries, identical deliveries and that brings up Hardik's half-century.

            19.6 SIX An outstanding finish from Hardik Pandya and that score is a towering one for RR

          • 21:03

            MI 168/5 after 19 overs

            Archer to Tiwary

            18.1 OUT Not the best yorker from Archer by Tiwary hits to Stokes's throat. An easy catch for Ben Stokes.

            Krunal Pandya joins his brother in the middle

            18.2 Toe crusher 150 kph delivery from Archer and one run squeezed out of it.

            18.3 Dot ball. Hit straight to extra cover.

            18.4 One run to point.

            18.5 Sharp bouncer, Krunal tries a ramp shot but misses.

            18.6 Bouncer on the body and quiet over for MI

          • 20:56

            MI 165/4 after 18 overs

            Rajpoot to Pandya

            17.1 WIDE and a good length.

            17.1 SIX Full toss and a smothered straight down to long on.

            17.2 One run to sweeper cover.

            17.3 Short and leg stump ball. Tiwary swings and misses. One run from leg byes though.

            17.4 SIX Wide half-volley and that length was punished.

            17.5 SIX Beamer from Rajpoot and a massive pull from Pandya puts the ball into the orbit.

            17.6 SIX Pandya is on fire. Similar full toss and similar result

          • 20:52

            MI 138/4 after 17 overs

            Archer to Pandya

            16.1 Fuller delivery and one run.

            16.2 FOUR A great yorker from Archer but inside edged to the boundary.

            16.3 Another yorker and one run.

            16.4 Full toss and hit to long off for one run.

            16.5 FOUR Stuck straight down the track from the middle and that brings over 10 runs this over.

            16.6 SIX A great end to the over for MI.

          • 20:47

            MI 121/4 after 16 overs

            Tyagi to Hardik

            15.1 One run to long off.

            15.2 One run to cover.

            15.3 A nice yorker from Tyagi and just one run off of it.

            15.4 Dot ball, nearly a wide. Fairly short delivery, bounced well.

            15.5 Similar delivery and one run off of it to deep square leg.

            15.6 DROPPED CATCH Hardik was dropped by Tewatia

          • 20:41

            MI 116/4 after 15 overs

            Gopal to Tiwary

            14.1 FOUR Tiwary seems to be accelerating now.

            14.2 One run to cover

            14.3 One run to long off

            14.4 One run.

            14.5 Dot ball defended.

            Barring that boundary, looking like a good over for RR

            14.6 One run to long off and Gopal ends his spell.

          • 20:37

            MI 108/4 after 14 overs

            Tewatia to Tiwary

            Hardik Pandya comes in after Pollard.

            13.1 One run off a full toss.

            13.2 One run from a leg bye, edged to third man.

            13.3 Dot ball.

            13.4 FOUR Smacks the shorter length ball to the leg side and finds the boundary.

            13.5 Dot ball. Defended by Tiwary.

            13.6 One run.

          • 20:31

            MI 101/4 after 13 overs

            Gopal to Tiwary

            12.1 One run.

            12.2 OUT Gopal bowls to the field and Stokes takes an easy catch. Yadav goes back to the pavillion, after being trapped.

            Kieron Pollard comes in after Yadav's dismissal

            12.3 Dot ball. Defended.

            12.4 SIX Similar delivery as Yadav's dismissal but that sheer power from Pollard takes it past Ben Stokes.

            12.5 Dot ball.

            12.6 OUT Gopal outfoxes stand-in captain Pollard. The leggie puts in a googly to dismiss the big-hitting West Indian.

          • 20:27

            MI 94/2 after 12 overs

            Tewatia to Tiwary

            11.1 Tossed up delivery and no run.

            11.2 Dot ball

            11.3 One run to the leg side after a googly.

            11.4 Fumble by Uthappa this time, only one run though

            11.5 Tiwary tries to fool the bowler, but no dice. Dot ball.

            11.6 One run. A great over for RR

          • 20:21

            MI 91/2 after 11 overs

            Tyagi to Yadav

            10.1 Strays down leg side and one run.

            10.2 Chops, ball doesn't go too far and no run.

            10.3 Swings and ball doesn't go too far. No run.

            10.4 OUT Archer pulls a magic catch out of nowhere. Ball catches the hand, not the other way around. That was a blinder one arm catch. Would've gone for a maximum otherwise. Everyone on the field have their jaws dropped. Kishan walks out.

            Saurabh Tiwary comes in

            10.5 Dot ball.

            10.6 One run.

          • 20:17

            MI 89/1 after 10 overs

            Tewatia to Kishan

            9.1 Two runs, nearly a four, well saved by Stokes.

            9.2 Advances down the track, swings and misses. Deflects to off side. One run to point.

            9.3 One run. Yadav sweeps and goes to short fine leg.

            9.4 Fumble by Smith. One run.

            9.5 Yadav lofts and one run to mid wicket.

            9.6 FOUR Unorthodox shot by Kishan and finds the gap.

          • 20:11

            MI 79/1 after 9 overs

            Gopal to Yadav

            8.1 One run to sweeper cover.

            8.2 One run to long on.

            8.3 FOUR Lofted shot and goes to backward point.

            8.4 DROPPED CATCH Hard one, good effort from Tewatia but was a few inches short. One run.

            8.5 One run

            8.6 FOUR Straight drive and another boundary.

          • 20:07

            MI 67/1 after 8 overs

            Tewatia to Yadav

            7.1 Two runs. Lofted shot to extra cover.

            7.2 Similar shot and two more, but not lofted this time around.

            7.3 DROPPED CATCH Hard one to catch. Steve Smith misses the catch, bounces right before him.

            7.4 Dot ball. Cover drive from Yadav

            7.5 Dot ball. Hit straight to Tewatia.

            7.6 One run to long off.

          • 20:03

            MI 62/1 after 7 overs

            Shreyas Gopal to Yadav

            6.1 Dot ball.

            6.2 One run to long on.

            6.3 Dot ball after the ball turned a fair bit.

            6.4 Dot ball. Gopal is looking pretty economical.

            6.5 One run to long off this time.

            6.6 One run to long off again.

          • 19:59

            MI 59/1 after 6 overs

            Rajpoot to Kishan

            5.1 One run to deep square leg.

            5.2 SIX Yadav lofts the ball, uses the pace to send it outside the boundary. Not the longest of sixes but enough for a safe maximum.

            5.3 One run to mid-on.

            5.4 Dot ball.

            5.5 SIX Kishan pulss a leg side delivery to the leg side for a flatter six.

            5.6 Better delivery and no run.

          • 19:54

            MI 45/1 after 5

            Kartik Tyagi to Kishan

            4.1 One run to deep mid-wicket.

            4.2 Good length ball and one run to third man.

            4.3 Dot ball, slapped straight to point.

            4.4 One run to short fine leg.

            4.5 FOUR Down the leg side and Yadav edges it behind for a boundary.

            4.6 FOUR Middle stump yorker and flicked to the boundary.

          • 19:48

            MI 33/1 after 4 overs

            Rajpoot to Kishan

            3.1 FOUR LBW appeal, some discussion and no DRS review.

            3.2 One run to third man.

            3.3 WIDE Strays down leg side

            3.3 WIDE Yet another extra from Rajpoot.

            3.3 One run to deep square leg.

            3.4 FOUR Clean drive from Kishan and he seems to have recovered from that injury scare. Finds the gap.

            3.5 Dot ball after a nice bouncer from Rajpoot

            3.6 Kishan pulls after another bouncer. One run.

          • 19:42

            MI 21/1 after 3 overs

            Archer to Kishan

            2.1 Good length on the body and defended for no run. Dot ball.

            2.2 Similar delivery, hits Kishan's knee and no run.

            Kishan is limping and seems injured. He is doubling up in pain. Mumbai Indians's medical staff are on the field to assess the situation. Archer's 146 kph delivery hit him straight on the knee.

            2.3 Kishan struggles to see the ball and misses. Dot ball.

            2.4 Bouncer and another dot.

            2.5 One run to deep backward point.

            2.6 Fuller delivery and no run.

          • 19:37

            MI 20/1 after 2 overs

            Ankit Rajpoot to Kishan

            1.1 Dot ball. Defended

            1.2 WIDE down the leg side.

            1.2 FOUR Bottom edge and the keeper misses it. Heads behind the keeper for a boundary.

            1.3 Dot ball. Defended with a straight bat.

            1.4 Wider and fuller and no run. Hit straight to point

            1.5 FOUR Kishan punches to the on side, shorter delivery, closer to the body delivery.

            1.6 Leg stump delivery and one run.

          • 19:28

            MI 10/1 after 1 over

            Jofra Archer to Ishan Kishan

            0.1 Bounce and 147 kph on the very first ball and a deflection off the thick edge to third man. One run.

            0.2 Bounce to leg stump and no run.

            0.3 Dot ball. Defended by de Kock.

            0.4 SIX de Kock swings and a maximum. Shorter delivery and a mighty one for Quinton. Not the length to bowl to the South African wicketkeeper-batsman.

            0.5 OUT An excellent comeback delivery for Archer. Inside edge after almost no footwork at all and deflected to leg stump. Archer strikes in the very first over.

            Suryakumar Yadav comes in

            0.6 WIDE down the leg side.

            0.6 Two runs.

          • 19:25

            Mumbai Indians openers de Kock and Ishan Kishan walk in to the middle. Rajasthan prepare to field after a quick huddle. Umpires Virender Sharma and Ulhas Gandhe bring the ball in.

          • 19:24
          • 19:23
          • 19:09

            Steve Smith

            We've played some reasonable cricket without getting over the line. Last one was a bit disappointing. Hopefully we can get over the line. We've got three games, for us it's about winning them all. See how we go.

          • 19:08

            Keiron Pollard

            We're going to bat. Just one change - Pattinson in for Coulter-Nile. Pitch is fairly good. Done pretty well batting first. Couple of venues dew has played a major factor. Here, not so much. Whatever you do you have to do it properly.

          • 19:05

            Rajasthan Royals Playing XI

            Robin Uthappa, Ben Stokes, Sanju Samson(w), Jos Buttler, Steven Smith(c), Riyan Parag, Rahul Tewatia, Jofra Archer, Shreyas Gopal, Ankit Rajpoot, Kartik Tyagi

          • 19:04

            Mumbai Indians Playing XI

            Quinton de Kock(w), Ishan Kishan, Suryakumar Yadav, Saurabh Tiwary, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard(c), Krunal Pandya, James Pattinson, Rahul Chahar, Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah

          • 19:01

            Kieron Pollard wins the toss and opts to bat first

          • 16:55

            The SWOT for MI

            Strengths: They have the best bowling attack in the league with Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah, James Pattinson and Rahul Chahar who have all taken wickets at will. Krunal Pandya and Kieron Pollard have bowled tight overs whenever needed.

            Weaknesses: There's no apparent weakness. They have performed superbly in all three departments of the game and it reflects in their first place position on the points table.

            Opportunities: They will want to be the first team to reach the play-offs. They've knocked CSK out of the tournament and now, they can push RR out as well.

            Threats: Skipper Rohit Sharma's injury is a worry. Pollard captained well in his absence but MI need Rohit to be fit and firing. They would hope that he recovers before the play-offs.

          • 16:54

            The SWOT for RR

            Strengths: Jofra Archer has been the team's strike weapon. Unfortunately, he has not received support from the others. His skills also haven’t been utilised properly. Steve Smith has taken him out of the attack when RR needed wickets. Archer's full potential has not been tapped.

            Weaknesses: The batting has been a let-down. Sanju Samson and Steve Smith have lost their initial form. The runs haven’t flowed for Robin Uthappa either. And the idea of opening the innings with Ben Stokes hasn't worked out.

            Opportunities: RR could be the next team to exit the tournament after CSK. They should do what they can to delay that departure.

            Threats: It will be incredibly difficult to overcome an MI team who are playing at their best.